And please speak slowly, leave a clear message and an EXTENSION number if applicable. Sometimes there is no answer due to the number of telemarketers or I am either driving, onsite, or on the phone with another client. I understand a lot of people are uncomfortable with voicemail, so feel free to text or email below:

Days a Week  Mon – Fri:   9 AM – 7 PM   Weekends:  Noon – 6 PM


You can text to this number anytime 24/7 as well for brief inquiries or email. *ScanTech DOES NOT perform residential testing OR consulting for homeowners / tenants – all services are COMMERCIAL / INDUSTRIAL / HOSPITAL / GOVERNMENT ONLY.

For a FASTER QUOTE please provide the following:


  • The type of inspection desired (or narrative as to what the problem / concerns are) and deliverables (Scope of Work)
  •  Physical address of the target property including suite number and zip code (or nearest intersection with compass corner for new builds)
  •  Often a blueprint and / or floor plans of the area(s) to inspect
  •  Approximate or exact square footage of the Regions of Interest
  •  Additional information or forms that may need to be signed to proceed particularly ones that need a public notary or long contracts (over 5 pages)
  •  Contact name & phone number of primary contact as well as onsite contact for access / escort
  •  Email address to send the quote to
  •  Company name and nature of business (chemical, petroleum, warehouse, manufacturing, etc.)
  •  Required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and any additional safety training required for being onsite at the facility
  •  Timeline in which the quote and survey are desired / needed